Back Pain Treatment Aspen, CO

Back Pain Treatment Aspen, CO

Aspen Integrative Medicine

(970) 927-0308

227 Midland Ave

Basalt, Colorado

Patient Testimonial:

"I started to see Dr. Hughes for my chronic low back pain. After having prolotherapy injections to help strengthen my ligaments, my pain is gone and my quality of life greatly iimproved. When I was diagnosed with a neuroma in my foot, I proceeded to have surgery. Much to my dismay the pain continued in my foot, though it was not the same pain, it was inhibiting my activity none the less. The doctor I had been seeing recommended a cortisone shot which I did but got little relief. After having had such great success with my back, I went to see Dr Hughes for my foot. He proceeded to give me an injection to help breakup the scar tissue that had developed. I will not tell you it did not hurt because it did, but within a couple of weeks the pain was gone. I am able to be barefoot again and wear my shoes without pain, something I had not been able to do in over a year. I will not hesitate to go see Dr Hughes, his approach to medicine and pain management far exceeded my expectations."


-Basalt, Colorado


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